The Way

Thank you for the moon so bright.
Thank you for a peaceful night.
I can now relax as I lay my head
and think about the things you said.
You said through heartache that you'd be there
and that I could trust you because you care.
Every day when I rise and shine,
I always know that I am thine.
Satan attacks me and won't let go.
He tempts my body, My heart and soul.
Sometimes I listen and think it's You,
but the Holy Spirit tells me what to do.
With a soft quiet voice I hear You say,
"Com, my child, I am the Way.
Through every trial, through pain and loss,
Jesus died and paid the cost.
That is why at night when I go to bed
on a cold clean pillow beneath my head,
that I can rest in a peaceful sleep
and know you're there the times I weep.
No one loves me like you do.
You are my Savior and Best Friend, too.
It's time for me to close my eyes.
I will not listen to Satan's lies.
I love you, Father.
Thank you for this day.
When morning comes,
you can lead the way!

 ~Sue Lueck Carlson~

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