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A belated Happy Birthday wish to my  SON


A tenderness from deep within
touches my very soul,
From the first moment I laid eyes on you
Til in my arms I did hold.

Your innocence did fill my heart
as I gazed down on your face,
I knew the years would soon rush by
as if in a marathon race.

Where has the time gone my son
from toys to pickup trucks?
Why it seems like only yesterday
you were riding on the bus.

Now it's football games and the senior prom
then tomorrow College starts.
What's this you say, you've found someone
and she has won your heart?

It's wedding bells and soon you tell
you're having a children of your own,
What joy there will be as you will see
when you bring God's gift back home.

Keep a watch my son let them romp and run
for the years will come and go,
Take time to teach and love them
and respect for them always show,
For these simple words of wisdom
will cause their love to grow.

A Son like you is love!

Love ya


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