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My Puter Crashed


My computer crashed and died today  And I thought, "oh well what the hey" Now I'd have time to clean my house And see if I still had a spouse


It started out with weird frustrations Combined with mild heart palpitations And then my ankles began to swell Withdrawal symptoms from no AOL

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Chills ran up and down my spine Oh, God I had to get on-line To greet my buds and check my mail I began to feel helpless and frail


Then I remembered the Good Guy's Store And all those computers by the door I'd go there and when alone With no one looking I'd sign-on


I stepped up to a computer, clicked on AOL The Sign-On screen came up, man it sure looked swell I clicked on the Guest name, then came the modem sound I was having cold-sweats, as my heart began to pound 


   Then I typed my password, and the computer said, "Goodbye" And that's what I kept hearing each time that I would try. This was just an evil plot, the store was playing tricks If only they had known how bad I need my AOL fix

I ...slowly... typed... my... password... then...I... stood....and...waited The darned thing said , "Goodbye" again and I got real frustrated That's when I shoved the keyboard thru the monitor screen And the last thing I remember is my loud shreiking scream

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When I woke I was handcuffed being booked I think I asked the data entry cop, if he'd get me a drink Now I'm sitting in his chair, and I know I can get well If I can just use his computer to sign on AOL.


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Thank you for this nice relaxation
from computer flustrations

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