Midland Chapter 253 O. E. S.
                      P. O. Box 5366
                      1600 West Wall
                         Midland, Texas 79704-5366
                         Organized October 24, 1904
                          Constituted October 12, 1905



All of our Worthy Matrons & Worthy Patrons decorate the dining room wall with only 1 frame empty.
We think this is great since our Centennial was October 2005.





Front Row: Wanelle Mikeworth, Worthy Matron, Keith Mikeworth, Worthy Patron
Row 2:Carla Stringer, Clara Lewis, Ouida Branson, Joan Star, Row3: Meridith Schmidt, Melissa Ashwood, Linda Mikeworth,
Rosemary Williams, Jean Pruden, Jack Pruden, Top Row: Deborah Land & Bobby Stringer

Wanelle Mikeworth, Worthy Matron

Front Row: Audri Rowell, Wanelle Mikeworth, Karren Kidd, Susan Dormady
Back Row: Nadine Wilson, Jerre Lucas, Keith Mikeworth, Billy Claybaugh

Keith Mikeworth, Worthy Patron

Chris Puckett, Jr. P.M. Presenting traveling Matron's jewel to Wanelle Mikeworth

Jr. Past Matron & Jr. Past Patron signing of the Bible

Chris presenting Keith with the traveling Worthy Patron's jewel for him to receive for his 8lth time

What a surprise these children of ours gave to us. They  planed ahead and worked to get as many of the family here as they could. All of our children even Cindy from Mauhi, HI walked in on us day of installation.

Nana & Pawpaw with their grandchildren and great grandchildren all but 2 grandchildren and 3 of the great grandchildren. What a surprise. No words to explain our feelings.

Our granddaughter, Caighleigh and her husband, Chris were put to work at the last minute to present the flag for us.

Row 1: Jack Pruden-Warder, Wilma Wheat-Electa, Chris Puckett-Worthy Matron, Keith Mikeworth-Worthy Patron, Ouida Branson-Ruth,
Joan Stark-Adah, Alice Schlagal-Organist, Carla Stringer-Treasurer
Row 2: Jean Pruden-Chaplain, Wanelle Mikeworth-Associate Matron, Shirley Scholl-Conductress, Bobby Stringer-Associate Patron
Row 3: Deborah Land-Secretary, -Associate Conductress, Rosemary Williams-Esther, Linda Mikeworth-Sentinel,
Darlene Rousselot-Martha, Clara Lewis-Marshal

Chris Puckett, Worthy Matron

Keith Mikeworth, Worthy Patron

Well looks like we are getting ready to feed our faces before we initiate our new candidate.
Thursday June 26, 2004

Our very first meeting was a called meeting
for purpose of initiation. Pictured above are
Chris Puckett, WM, our newest member
 Karla Garcia and Keith Mikeworth, WP.

July 8, 2014 pictured above Chris Puckett, WM, Carlotta Fairchild, Grand Representative of Connecticut in Texas & Keith Mikeworth, WP.
Carlotta brought to us a great program on

We were very please to initiate another new
member at our regular meeting July 22,2004. Chris Puckett, WM. Edith Silva, Keith Mikeworth, WP.

Pictured Chris Puckett, & WM, Susan Dormady, Estarl, Dist.2, Keith Mikeworth, WP. Susan brought us a great program on a little background of the Worthy Matrons.

Our two newest members, Edith & Karla and believe it or not they are cousins.

That is right eating again. We have good cooks in our Eastern Star chapter. Starting on the left and going around the table; Wilma Wheat, Rosemary Williams, Shirley Scholl, Susan Dormady, Lynda Klein & Wanelle Mikeworth

Guess Chris Puckett, WM, is giving some kind of instructions or something to our new members. Pictured are Chris Puckett, WM, Sylvia Garcia, Edith Silva & Meredith Schmidt, Assoc. Conductress.

August 12, 2014 Of course we are getting ready to eat again. Far left: Joan Stark, Lynda Klein, Chris Puckett, Alice Schlagal and Bobby Stringer

Soft cuddly bears. The committee Lynda Klein is on this year are selling these little critters. You need to get one they are $10.00 and it is for a good cause.

Sister Rosemary Williams, Deputy Grand Matron, Dist. 2 Sec 8 receiving the traveling pin from Lynda Klein, Jr. Past Deputy Grand Matron.

Table almost ready for the group to start eating before our meeting August 26th, 2014.

Andrea Martin, from Ft Stockton, receiving her 25 year pin and certificate from Chris Puckett, W.M. 08/26/2014

August 26th, 2014 the Rob Morris program was presented
by Clara Lewis, Carla Stringer & Deborah Land. Also
included in the picture are W.M. Chris Puckett & W.P. Keith Mikeworth

Worthy Matron & Worthy Patron
Carla Stringer & Bobby Stringer

Getting our sign out as we prepare
for our annual "Taco Dinner"

Here is four members in the kitchen having lots of fun. Chris Puckett & Rosemary Williams and then we see the backs of Bobby Stringer & Debra Land

My oh my looks like Jean & Jack Pruden are
having so much fun cutting up those onions.

Here we are Jean Pruden & Debbie Land
counting out some of that cash.

Rose Watkins & Wanelle Mikeworth taking a well
deserved break after helping decorate dinning room
for the Joint Fraternal Visit.

Pictured: Lester Williams, Glendya Williams, James Kelley, Jayne Yenger, WGM,
Trey Smith, WGP, Carla Stringer, Janice Kelley,
Bobby Stringer. The WM & WP from
Odessa #447, Friendship #1008 & Midland #253

Busy checking sizes and ordering their
tops for the year 2014-2015.

Everyone is working hard and fast to get
the chapter room cleaned up after meeting.

Shirley Scholl, Bobby Stringer, Worthy Patron &
Carla Stringer, Worthy Matron. When Shirley
present a very moving Memorial Program.

Carla Stringer, WM, Deborah Land,
Bobby Stringer, WP.

Yep your right here we are eating again.
Paul & Lynda Klein & Chris Puckett

Rosemary Williams, Worthy Matron

OFFICERS 2012-2013
Jack Pruden, Jean Pruden, Clara Lewis, Joan Stark, Ouida Branson, Thelma Powell, Alice Schlagal, Carla Stringer, Malinda McConnell, Deborah Land, Rosemary Williams, Bobby Stringer, Wilma Wheat, Betty Stark, Keith Mikeworth, Wanelle Mikeworth

Bobby Stringer, Worthy Patron
Joint Fraternal Visit November 22, 2011 with Norman Read #1010

Keith Mikeworth, WP #253, Vi Griffin, WGM, Deborah Land, WM #1010, Tom Galloway, WP #1010

Keith Mikeworth, Vi Griffin, Vi's mother, Deborah Land

Jerri Young, Vi Griffin, WGM, Shirley Scholl

Rosemary Williams, Bruce Wilson, Nadine Wilson

Shirley Scholl, Christine Puckett

Andrea Dodson,  Milinda McConnell
Fifty Year Pen Presentation

Presentation of 50 year certificate
Clara Lewis, WM, Betty Irby, Wanelle Mikeworth, Carla Stringer

50 year Pinning
Clara Lewis, WM, Betty Irby, Carla Stringer, Wanelle Mikeworth

Those of us that made presentation of 50 year certificate
Clara Lewis, WM, Betty Irby, Alice Schlagal, Wanelle Mikeworth, Bobby Stringer, Keith Mikeworth, WP & Carla Stringer taking the picture

Officers for 2011-2012
Clara Lewis, WM, Keith Mikeworth, WP
Jack Prudent, Alice Schlagal, Carla Stringer, Joan Stark, Elizabeth Moos, Betty Stark, Janet Ryder, Jean Pruden, Thelma Powell, Wilma Wheat, Debbie Land, Milinda McConnell, Wanelle Mikeworth Linda Mikeworth

Keith Mikeworth, Worthy Patron & Clara Lewis, Worthy Matron

Joyce Ball, Cindy Echols & Christine Puckett

A. L. Casparis & Eva Wright Presenting
Star Point "Adah"

Bruce Wilson & Nadine Wilson Presenting Star Point "Ruth"

Paul Klein & Linda Klein Presenting
Star Point "Esther"

Betty Cox & Valcee Cox Presenting
Star Point "Martha"

Janice Kelley & James Kelley Presenting
Star Point "Electa"

East decoration, Foot Prints in Sand Poem
Those who received certificates for say memory work from the ritual
What a wonderful way to finish out our year as Worthy Matron & Worthy Patron, for the second time, to be
able to have the pleasure of going to Idaho Grand Chapter,
Wanelle being Grand Representative of Idaho in Texas. Thank you sister Bess Caldwell, PGM of Texas
for presenting Wanelle with this appointment.
What a fun and great trip Wanelle & I had attending the Grand Chapter of Idaho
things are done quite different. We made a lot of new Eastern Star friends from Canada, Washington & Oregon.
Grand Chapter Session 2012 of Idaho will start June 10th in Idaho Falls, Idaho

Wanelle presenting special gifts to the Worthy Grand Matron & Worthy Grand Patron
of the Grand Chapter of Idaho

Christy Schill-Newbold, WGM
of Idaho

Keith, Wanelle, Christy Schill-Newbold, WGM, & Larry G. Allen, WGP
Grand Chapter of Idaho

Christy giving her welcome at Grand
Representative Banquet

Idaho Grand Representative's Banquet Wanelle, Rick Rowe, Grand Representative of Texas in Idaho and his wife Terry

Allen Simmons and his mother. Met Allen on the plane in Denver on way to Boise, Idaho to Grand Chapter

Installation of Grand Representative Officers

Idaho Grand Chapter
Pool outside our balcony window

Idaho Grand Chapter
Neighbors talking outside our
balcony window

Idaho Grand Chapter
Just downstairs took walkway to
Grand Chapter

Wanelle, WM, Mary Ruth White, WGM,
Keith, WP at Fraternal Visit April 26, 2011

Wanelle, WM, Cheryl Albrecht, Grand Examiner District 3, Keith, WP, Cheryl presented Mother's Day Program

Wanelle, WM, Cheryl Albrecht, Grand Examiner District 3, Keith, WP, Sharon Fentress, PGM May 10, 2011

Presentation of Needle Point Art (by Nadine Wilson) to Worthy Grand Matron at Fraternal Visit to Midland #253 April 26, 2011
Joan Stark, WM Stanton 409, Mary Ruth White, WGM, Eva Wright, WM Odessa 447, Jerri Young, WM Norman Read 1010,
Wanelle Mikeworth, WM Midland 253, Clara Lewis, WM Big Spring 67, Nadine Wilson, WM Seminole 855,
Fran Johnson, WM Friendship 1008,
Bill Dormady, WP Norman Read 1010, Keith Mikeworth, WP Midland 253 and Herb Morgan, WP Friendship 1008

Wanelle, WM, Jerri Lucas, Keith WP,
July 27, 2010 Honor Masons Program

Wanelle, WM, Jayne Yenger, Keith, WP
July 13, 2010 Patriotic Program

Outgoing Worthy Matron & Patron
signing the Chapter Bible
Keith Mikeworth & Linda Mikeworth

Decorations in the East

Decorations in the West

Entry room to the Chapter

Cake baked by and courtesy of
Linda Klein

Registration Table

Officers for 2010-2011
Wanelle & Keith Mikeworth, Alice Schlagal, Betty Stark Rosemary Williams, Clara Lewis, Wilma Wheat, Thelma Powell, Joan Stark, Jack Pruden, Jean Pruden, Deborah Land, Linda Mikeworth, Pat Aaron, Carla Stringer, Bobby Stringer (not pictured)

Installing officers June 12, 2010 left to right
Keith Mikeworth, W.P., Wanelle Mikeworth, W.M., Deborah Land, Arrangements-Decorations, Faye Pearcy, Humanitarian Dist. 2, Annette Curry, Assoc. Grand Conductress, Chris Puckett, Grand Representative of Colorado in Texas, Janice Kelley, Grand Representative of Louisiana in Texas, James Kelley, Arrangements-Head Usher

Wanelle Mikeworth at the Alter
June 12, 2010 taking oath as Worthy Matron

Keith Mikeworth at the Alter
June 12,2010 taking oath as Worthy Patron
Grand Chapter Elected Board Members Retirement Dinner May 2010
Do believe fun was had by all

Granny Clampeth & Family Arriving

Granny stop to talk to Ella Mae & Jed

Granny busy passing out meds
from her doctorin kit

Jed is leading songs for
our entertainment (it were good)

Surprise retirement gift for Ann Kelly
the Board appointed secretary

Ella Mae making presentations to
Terri Rozzel one of our retirees

Granny asking our other retiree
Diane Davidson to come to front & center

Aunt Pearl making presentation to
outgoing Chairman Diane Davidson
of course you can see our Worthy
Grand Matron, Bess Caldwell sitten thar all trim and proper.

This is such a handsome group
left to right
Keith Mikeworth - Granny, Elizabeth Wise - Ella Mae, Lorraine Williams - Mrs. Drysdale, Diana Davidson, Terri Rozzel, Ann Kelly, Kathy Teele - I forgot who she is, Betty Scott - Aunt Pearl, Karen Kidd - forgot, Ronald Zipp - Jed Clampeth
Linda Mikeworth, Worthy Matron, Carla Stringer, Grand Page to Grand Adah, Keith Mikeworth, Worthy Patron. Honoring the W.M. & W.P. their last night in the East..

Carla Stringer, Grand Page to Grand Adah, with Betty Benham, PGM Texas OES and Farris Benham, PGM Grand Lodge of Texas at A.E.Shirly Chapter in Amarillo where Carla presented a program May 20,2010

Carla Stringer, Grand Page to Grand Adah, with Susie Rodgers, WM and Frank Berkley, WP where she gave a program May 3, 2010

Wanelle Mikeworth, Grand Representative of Idaho in Texas, Bess Caldwell, Worthy Grand Matron, & Keith Mikeworth, Secretary Board of Directors at our Fraternal Visit April 29, 2010

Carla Stringer, Grand Page to Grand Adah with Ray & Donna Vaden, Worthy Matron & Worthy Patron of Norman Read #1010 when she presented a program.

Our very own Carla Stringer, Grand Page to Grand Adah, with Vi Griffin, Grand Conductress and Tommy Griffin, PGM Grand Lodge of Texas. Carla gave a program on Symbolism at Anahuac Chapter #649 March 18, 2010

March 9, 2010 Obligation Program
Linda Mikeworth, W.M., Cheryl Albrecht, Grand Examiner District 3, Keith Mikeworth, W.P.,
Sharon Fentress, P.G.M. of Texas

Two very surprised ladies receiving Grand Representative appointments at the Odessa Fraternal Visit January 22, 2010
Kathryn Whaley, Grand Representative of California in Texas and
Wanelle Mikeworth, Grand Representative of Idaho in Texas

They just can not believe it

Both had a little bit of trouble finding some
words of wisdom to give us.

They are very patiently waiting to find out which state they are each going to get. (Left to Right) PGM Betty Benham, Wanelle Mikeworth, Kathryn Whaley, PGM Beulah Speer

Our very own Worthy Grand Matron Bess Caldwell received her very own Hard Hat at Odessa School

Worthy Grand Matron Bess receiving proclamation
from Mayor of Odessa Texas, presented by Janice Kelley, Grand Representative of Louisiana in Texas
 Halloween Friendship Night October 31, 2009

Of course we had to hire a formal greeter

Our Pirate (Thomas Stark) getting ready to sign in

Here come Mr. Farmer & wife (Jack & Jean Pruden

Our Miss Lady Bug, I think (Rosemary Williams)

This handsome couple Bozo the Clown & his Lady friend (James & Janice Kelley)

Golly here is Little Red Riding Hood & Friend ( Nell & A. L. Casparis)

Gosh here comes some more eatable (I think) something or the other (Joan Stark)

Now it is time to enter the banquet room

A few tables all decked out in their finery

This is suppose to be a cake I think for our desert but never know until you taste it

Not to sure if we should even try any of this or not

Oh good just what we need some worms

Don't they look nice admiring their finished work
(Linda Mikeworth & Betty Stark)

Believe some one has lost their puppy and can not find it.

What a great time was had by all this Halloween Friendship Night
The costumes were great along with a lot of strange food.

Installed Grand Chapter Officers 2009-2010
Bess Caldwell, W.G.M., Bill Wyatt, W.G.P., Mary Ruth White, A.G.M., Arthur Drescher, A.G.P., Nell smith Drenner, G.Sec., Lorrie Owens, G.Trea., Vi Griffin, G.Cond., Annette Curry, A.G.Cond., Jean Thomas, G.Chaplain, Ann Wyatt, G.Marshall, Darla Dunaway, G.Organist, Audri Rowell, G.Adah, Mary Calvert, G.Ruth, Glenda Story, G.Esther, Iris Lowe, G.Martha, Sue Barnes, G.Electa, Donald Reynolds, G.Warder Ken Morford, G.Sentinel.

Annette Curry escorted by Keith Mikeworth
at Norman Read #1010 Installation

Keith Mikeworth & Linda Mikeworth presenting
Star Point Ruth at Norman Read Installation

Wanelle Mikeworth, escorted by Paul Klein at
Norman Read #1010 Installations

Linda Mikeworth, Worthy Matron

Midland Chapter #253 Officers 2009-2010

Keith Mikeworth, Worthy Patron

Worthy Matron & Worthy Patron

Installation Installing Grand Officers

Alter with open Bible

Introduction of Installed Grand Officers & Elected Board by Conductress & Assoc. Conductress
Right to Left: Wanelle Mikeworth, Cond. Pro-Tem, Bess Caldwell, A.G.M., Mary Harvey, G. Organist, Keith Mikeworth, Board of Directors

Annette Curry, Installing Grand Marshall leading in the Officers to be Installed for 2009-2010

Presentation of Star Point Emblems

Thelma Powell WM, Annette Curry &
Jack Heard WP when Annette presented
a Program on "Spring"

Thelma Powell & Cindy Echols, Grand Examiner when she presented an
Obligation Program

Brooks Speer, Beulah Speer PGM,
Herman Ledbetter, Mary Bond,
Carla Stringer & Keith Mikeworth

Carla with Thelma Powell & Jack Heard
Midland 253 on her LAST official visit

Well you guessed at the
food table again

Carla with Lynda & Paul Klein
Norman Read 1010 on her official visit

Carla with Nell & A.L. Casparis
Odessa 447 on her official visit

DDGM District 2, Audri Rowell with 4 of the DGM of the District

Our Worthy Grand Matron & Grand Examiner with some of the DGM

For some odd reason our WGM always wanted a picture of the city limits

Well here we are again at another
food table. We like to eat.

Bess Caldwell & Bill Wyatt
Assoc. Grand Matron & Patron

What a nice looking bunch of young ladies
all dressed up in their Green Formals

My oh my here we start the District 2 School Schedule. Art Drescher I guess is trying to figure out when we eat.

Mary Harvey & Carla Stringer with our Worthy Grand Matron Joyce Nicklas

Joyce Nicklas is say oh my what is
this nice present

Well here we are at Grand Chapter
where my next 5 years started

Oh by the way if you didn't know
this is Deborah Land at GC

Wanelle & Keith Mikeworth
Carla Stringer, Mary Harvey,
Bess Caldwell & Linda Mikeworth


Having a little surprise party for
our Associate Grand Matron
Bess Caldwell

What an unusual Cake
Did not count the candles

Come on Bess blow them all out
before we catch the building on fire

Who would have ever thought it. There we are at a banquet sitting with Mr. X at Grand Chapter 2007.
Brenda Smith Costello, Ann & Bill Wyatt, Carla Stringer

Mr. X (Bill Wyatt) & his lovely wife
May24, 2008

Wanelle & Keith Mikeworth at the same table Grand Chapter 2007 with Mr. X

Joyce Gilbert, Worthy Grand Matron presenting Carla & Keith with their Endowed Memberships at the Fraternal Visit 3/11/08

Carla Stringer, W.M., Dr. Leslie Keilberg, Keith Mikeworth, W.P. on Honor Mason night 3/25/08

Carla, Annette Curry & Keith 4/8/08 when Annette did program on the Star Points
Well you might know January 26th, 2008 we had our Taco Supper fund raiser
place was jam packed (biggest crowd in a while) and guess who did not have their cameras with them.
Yep you got it Worthy Matron & Worthy Patron oh well we were hard at work.

Carla Stringer, W.M., Gloria Bennett, Grand Representative of Puerto Rico to Texas, Keith Mikeworth, W.P.

Keith, Carla & Jason of Midland Ministry Soup Kitchen at our Christmas meeting.

Karen Kidd & Fran Johnson
What ever it was must have been a good story

Annette Curry, Grand Examiner Dist.3, Carla Stringer, W.M.,
& Keith Mikeworth, W.P.

Sharon Fentress, Past Grand Matron of Texas

Carla Stringer, W.M., Cheryl Abrecht, Grand Examiner District 3, Keith Mikeworth, W.P., Sharon Fentress, Past Grand Matron of Texas

Cheryl Abrecht, Grand Examiner District 3

Betty Irby, Sentinel Midland Chapter 253
sharing her Birthday Cak

Sheree Montgomery W.M,
John Creel, P.G.P., Brooks Speer, W.P.

A handsome group from Midland, Odessa & Big Spring
for John Creel, P.G.P. patriotic program at Abernathy Chapter

When John Creel, P.G.P presented a Patriotic Program

Installing Officers, Worthy Matron & Worthy Patron
(Left to Right)
Susie Chapman, Mary Harvey, Joyce Nicklas, Carla Stringer, Keith Mikeworth, Bess Caldwell, Deborah Land, Karen Kidd

Officers for Year 2007-2008

Our Mardi Gras Friendship Night February 10, 2007
What a nice group we had 56 and it was cold at that.

Looks like all of this group is trying to figure out the hidden words

Guess Carla must of told a funny joke or something

Carla don't think that we can do that it is to much trouble

A. L. found all the hidden words now it is time to fill the stomach

Hey Janice how was the food? Did you get enough to eat?

Our Worthy Patron and his counter part Bill Chapman
Our Worthy Matron and 4 of her counter parts.
Our Spaghetti Supper January 27, 2007
and what a success it was

Looks like these 2 might be trying to find how you get something open
Jean Pruden & Linda Mikeworth

Three cooks hard at work (I think)
Pat & Ray Stailey, Jack Pruden

See that hand over here on the right hand side. It is now tasting time so they are checking it out.
Linda Mikeworth & Ray Stailey

Yep were tired and now it is time to take a short break.

What is the matter Carla you can't decide what you are suppose to be doing or is it what to do next.

Just a few minutes early but we were ready to start serving.

Now the fun begins. Our auctioneer, Jack Pruden, is starting the bidding.

Looks like they have all finished and are now just relaxing

Just can't remember what Freeda was saying but probably wasn't important any way.
As you can see we enjoy being out on the OES road.
We like to visit with our present friends and to make a lot of new OES friend.
We try to visit all the Chapters in our Area and as many as we can out of our Area.
Fun is had on every trip that is made.

Worthy Matron, Associate Matron, Associate Patron & Secretary
made a quick trip to San Angelo January 22nd for the Fraternal Visit.
Here we are hitting the OES road again.
This time we made the School in San Antonio January 19th & 20th, 2007.
We stayed over for the reception for Joyce Gilbert, Associate Grand Matron, the following Sunday.

Reception held at this Lodge.
What a beautiful old Lodge this is.
Nat M. Washer Lodge # 1270

We had a great time.
Wanelle Mikeworth, Joyce Gilbert & Carla Stringer

Well of course I was there also.
Joyce Gilbert, Jerry Trees & Keith Mikeworth
Some of us made the School in Plano on January 6th & 7th, 2007
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Trees
& Joyce Gilbert
Out on the road again we attended the School in Dallas
December 8th & 9th, 2006

??, Annette Curry, ??, Jerre Lucas

Cheryl Albrecht, ? ?, Mary Harvey, Wanelle & Keith Mikeworth

Darrell & Cheryl Albrecht
That is right Cheryl give me a great big smile
Have no idea who these 3 are
Deborah Land, Worthy Matron, Carla Stringer, Assoc. Matron, Wanelle Mikeworth, Secretary,
& Keith Mikeworth, Assoc. Patron attended the School at Lubbock September 30th
at which the Worthy Grand Matron gave Wanelle & Keith Grand Appointments.
And of course no camera here. We forgot it.
A lot of our Members attended the Fraternal Visit & School
 in Odessa, District 2 Sections 8 & 9. September 20th & 21st, 2006

Geraldine Dusek, W.G.M &
John Creel, W.G.P.

Worthy Grand Matron
Geraldine "Gerri" Dusek

Joyce Nicklas & Bess Caldwell
Grand Conductress &
Associate Grand Conductress

Jerri Young, Joyce Nicklas,
Wanelle & Linda Mikeworth
This handsome couple might be
Carla & Bobby Stringer
Our Associate Matron
& Worthy Patron
Some of our ladies on the road again.  Boy do they like to travel.
What fun we had at
the School of Instruction in Ft. Worth this past weekend (9/15 -16/06).
We also learned a little bit as well.  Of course our hotel was really a GREAT one.

You might know who's dress was bent all out of shape when she started to put it on.  How about that fancy ironing board.

Wanelle Mikeworth, Carla Stringer & Mary Harvey and yours truly taking picture.  We were having our breakfast before School started.

Looks to me like Carla is giving Joyce Nicklas an ear full of something or the other.
Deputy Grand Matron's, Janice Richardson, Visit September 12, 2006

Here we are starting down the chow line before our meeting as usual. mmm good food

Sure hope there is some left by
the time they let me get in line

Guests first you know. Looks pretty good doesn't it Jerri.

Many of us here and of course
enjoying all that good food.

The rest of these good O.E.S members we do like food.

Hey Susie tell them you are
eating and get off the phone

Deborah Land, W.M., Janice Richardson, D.G.M.
Bobby Stringer, W.P.

Oh how pretty and it has my butterflies
on it.

Ouida Branson receiving a Life Membership.
Finally got a grin out of our Worthy Patron now we know he doesn't take everything so serious.
Some pictures taken at Grand Chapter August 2006

Our Sister Bess is now Associate Grand Conductress.
That is the way to go Bess we are behind you.
Left to right: Joyce Nicklas, Grand Conductress, Unknown to me, Bess Caldwell, Associate Grand Conductress.

Wonder what those three thought was so funny? (Ouida, Myrle & Wanelle, Carla took picture)
This was at the Associate Grand Conductress breakfast.  Worthy Patron & I had to fend for ourselves.

Sitting here having to wait for the returns to the vote sure can get boring.

MMMMMM caught someone taking
a little nap.  Yes Ouida I took it and
you didn't even wake up.
July 10, 2006
Some of our members out on the
"Road Again"
They made a surprise visit to Mineral Wells Chapter #44 where they were honoring our Sister Bess Caldwell
Grand Examiner District 2
Food was great and they had an hilarious fun evening.  I think they laughed all the way home.
(Left to Right)
Joyce Nicklas, Associate Grand Conductress, Wanelle Mikeworth, Ouida Branson, Carla Stringer & Bess Caldwell

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