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Keep These Thoughts

Mixed Up

Favorite Sites

Photos of our Work


Meet our Family

Special Tribute

The Butterfly

My Get Up & Go

What A Difference

A B C's of Life

Our Friends

Live Each Day

A Mom's Prayer

My Puter Crashed

A Friend

Childhood Dreams

Rules of Chocolate

The Broken Chain

Father's Day

Life Lessons

Prayer In School

Secret Places


A Love Story

Painting The Picture

I'm Fine

The Night Before

Happy Birthday

Rowley Award

Window To Heaven

Pastor's Son


Cat Rules

Its Never To Late

If Heaven Had Voicemail

From The Other Side

The U in Jesus

The Teacup 

Email Buddies Prayer

Now That I Am Older

48th Anniversary

New School Prayer

 Perfect Mother

49th Anniversary

Happy Birthday Son

Man From Galilee

50th Anniversary

Quilt Squares

Heavens Grocery Store

52nd Anniversary

Old Glory

Gods Mysterious Ways

53rd Anniversary

The Shoes

Listen Up

54th Anniversary

Are You Lonesome

USA Formation

55th Anniversary

God Speaking

God Knows Best

56th Anniversary

Secret Places

The Butterfly

57th Anniversary

How to Email a Page

Senior Citizens

58th Anniversary

Great Truths (Humor)

Senior's Poem

59th Anniversary

Interview With God

House For Sale

60th Anniversary

You Are A Keeper

Jesus Loves Me (Humor)

61st Anniversary

God's Divine Plan

If I Knew (9-11-2001)

62nd Anniversary

After I'm Gone

You Are So Blessed

63rd Anniversary

It's No Joke

The Road of Life

64th Anniversary

A Better Place

Your Cross

God Said No

Another Year

The Holy Alphabet

Hymns for The Over 50's

LighteningBugs/Older'N Dirt

Just A Closer Walk With Thee

If Jesus Came To Your House

Our Creator

Which Way

God's Grace

Window of Beauty


Happy Thanksgiving

Come Unto Me

Winters Eve


New Years Party

If You Only Believe

Night Before Christmas

On A Far Away Hill

The Heart

Peace In Time Of Chaos

Senior - ity

Daddy's Poem

America The Beautiful

It's In The Valley I Grow

Autumn In The Country


Boo - Halloween

25 One Liners-Have Faith

Deep In The Forrest

On Golden Pond

How Long Will Winter Be

My Beautiful Bouquet

Moments in Life

Watching The Fog Roll In

If You Only Believe

God's Week

Psalm 23 - Eye Opener

God's Most Amazing Grace

In Our Garden

When The Lord Made Mothers

The Deacon & The Boy

The Window

Let There Be Peace

If Tomorrow Starts Without Me

Do It Any Way

Black & White

On Golden Pond

The Pink Dress

Footsteps ... new version

I Believe

Red Marbles

Current of Life

God's Master Card

Don't Quit

Best Day of My Life

Wisdom In The Word

Almost Home

You Can't Steal My Christmas

Did You Know

How Many Will Do

My Wish For You

Drinking From My Saucer

The Veterans

Story of Easter

God Bless

Pathway to Serenity

God Knows

My Get Up & Go

Sweet Surprise

The Carpenter

He Arose

Sentiments of The Heart

Three Sisters

The Way
Weathered Old Barn FRIENDS

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