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Wanelle & Keith Mikeworth - 2-2007
(or you might say NaNa & PawPaw)

Four children,
nine grandchildren

An adopted child, grandchild
three great-grandchildren.


Wanelle & Keith
Picture taken on
our Anniversary Cruise
September 9 through 16, 2001

Golly don't we make a handsome couple after fifty years of marriage.

We are very proud of all of our children. Love each and everyone of them in their own unique way.




Thanksgiving Day, November 23, 2006, at Doug & Pat's house
Left to right: Keith, Doug, Becci
Pat, Katie, Wanelle
NaNa & PawPaw with their newest addition to our growing family Great Granddaughter
Kylin Paige Corley
born June 12, 2005
in Midland, TX
Mom & Dad are
Tasha & Lane Corley
of course we think she is absolutely beautiful.  She was only 3 days old and on her way home to Big Spring, TX.
We have not figured out this bit on naming of the children. Katie, Caileigh, Caitlyn and now Kylin. Nana says this last one is "Paige".

This was taken in February 2005 after PawPaw had some back surgery.  Nothing like getting a lap full of sweet and very loveable Great Grand Kids. Caitlyn Corley & Dontae Jones when Dontae had come from Washington to visit while Daddy was out to sea.

As you can see were having a great time.  Sure is hard to see those little ones leave when they have to go back home. Dontae was 7 months old and almost walking when he left. Daddy has been teaching him to go up and down the stairs since he has gotten home.
Now PawPaw has got to get busy and put a bunch more recent pictures of all the family in here.  It has been quite sometime since have added but will get done some time here in July.



Yep this is our latest precious
Great Grandson
Dontae Samuel Jones
born on his Grandmothers birthday
August 3, 2004
So far away NaNa & PawPaw just do not have the chance to spoil him not even just a little bit.
His daddy is in the navy stationed in the state of Washington so of
course he and mommy are there with daddy.

Proud parents Larry & Jennifer Jones with Dontae, our newest addition to the family I think mommy and daddy had me out shopping when I was just about a month old

Now don't you just want to pick
me up and give me a big hug?
Picture taken October 2004

Come on now I'm ready for some chow.
Picture taken October 2004

Mommy and me while visiting
Grandmother in Kula, Hawaii
October 2004

PawPaw is assuming the following pictures were taken
Halloween and first part of November 2004


Ok Dad what you doing trying to blind Mom and Me?

Now listen up 3 months is just a little early to try to make me walk

Ok lets go I'm ready and
its getting hot in all this garb

Mom you wouldn't dare show this to my girl friend when I'm 16 would you

Hurry up Mom, Dad and I
are ready to go

Daddy is Mommy really going
to make me wear this when we go trick and treating

Yep she's going to make me wear all this so come on lets get out there and get those goodies

Now which way would you like
for me to turn. Boy all this
picture taking is hard on a fella

More to be added as they
are sent on to PawPaw.
NaNa and PawPaw would
sure like to get their hands
on Dontae for a while and
spoil him just a little bit.



You got it this is
Caitlyn Korryn Corley
born November 27, 2001
our precious Great Grandchild

NaNa is not the least bit interested
in our first great grandchild. We think she is the prettiest great grandchild there ever was.
(of course we are not partial)

Here is another one of that Great grandchild.
The little darling is 10 months old here

Caitlyn Corley taken December 2003



William Keith

Belinda Wanelle

Cynthia Leigh

Douglas Carvel


Douglas Mikeworth family.  Wife Pat,
daughters Katie & Becci

Katie & Becci - April 1998

Keith, Doug & Alan
Christmas 1999

Wanelle, Linda & Cindy
Summer 1997

Now wonder what is going on
Grandson Dale Corley, Dec.1999

Is the zip up or down
Grandson Lane Corley,

Our oldest grandson
Alan Corley and his wife Genifer in a field of Texas Bluebonnets - Year 1999

Grand-daughters Jennifer & Caileigh Barlow, Becci & Katie Mikeworth on vacation
Cloudcroft, NM - July 1999

Oh no that lovely Pink Flamingo
Grand-daughter Genifer Corley Christmas 1999

David Kuhn (2nd cousin) & family
wife Teresa and son Keating - 1999

Sure nice looking couple
Alan & Genifer Corley  Dec.'99
March 18,2000
Todd Simmang
the Thinker
& wonder
what is on his mind.

Could that be Poppy Dawn
weren't they cute when they were little

Becci Mikeworth

Christmas 2000 at
Doug Mikeworth's house
This space is reserved
for our
winner in 2000
Becci Mikeworth
(someone has never developed the pictures
yet I wonder who)
(hey Alan is the film still in

February 2001
Becci & Katie Mikeworth

David Kuhn (2nd cousin) family, wife Teresa & son Keating 5/12/2001

Wanelle, Peter Dittert
(our friend from Germany)
and myself 9/5/2001

Lane & Amy Corley
Parents of our 1st Great Grandchild Caitlyn

Peak-a-Boo peaking from under
Christmas Tree 2001

Wicket says OK less get those packages open I am tired and ready for bed

Christmas 2001 at Doug & Pat's home
in Grand Prairie, Texas
This space is reserved for that lucky
winner in 2001
Todd Simmang
(Poppy send me a picture please)
(Poppy am still waiting 11-2004)
In case you are wondering about the
we have this tradition in our Mikeworth family that Pat started of passing along this

Katie Mikeworth with her cousin Cody Barlow. Gosh Katie that is enough to scare all the boys away

Caileigh Barlow and cousin
Becci Mikeworth
Christmas 2001

Caileigh & Becci
chowing down and of course look at all the deserts


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Just give me a little click
Christmas 2002
finally made it

Caitlyn Corley very unhappy about something
October 2003
Did not take so long for
Christmas 2003
to get here just give us a

click and see all the fun

Poppy & Todd Simmang 2003
Golly NaNa & PawPaw have some handsome Grandchildren.

After many years finally got a picture of our Grandson
Dale Corley
(taken later part 2003)

Alan & Genifer Corley in 2003.

Doug and family in 2003

My my what can I say this is our
sweet Great Granddaughter
Caitlyn Corley 12/2003

Caileigh Barlow 1/2004
Gosh how time does fly by.
Just seems like yesterday these
Grandchildren were just babies.
Just give me a little click
Christmas 2004
is finally here

It is not possible that this beautiful young lady
graduated High School in 2004 and is now going to O. U.
No way she just could not be that old

Katherine Marie Mikeworth

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  Our Adopted Family

Tim & Charlotte Cox - 2010

Tim & Charlotte with Great Grandson

Tryon, Grandson & Kristen

5 Generation of Charlotte's family

Tim & Charlotte Cox
- 2003
Gee don't they still make a handsome couple after all these years.


August 19,2003    10:28 A.M.
7 lbs. 4 oz.     20 1/2" long
Katy, Texas

Needless to say Daddy is not proud
nor are
Grandparents & Adopted Great-Grandparents
Kristen-Robbie7-99.JPG (49338 bytes)
Great-granddaughters Kristen & Robbie Cox.
July 1999
tryonstone9-99.jpg (50605 bytes)
Grandson Tryon Cox hard at work decorating a cup.
September 4, 1999

Robbie Cox (20 months)

Tryon Cox Family
Summer 2000
Kristen 9 yrs.  Robbie 2 1/2 yrs.
we won't discuss the age of the other two

Sweet Great-grand daughter Robbie
November 2000

Kristen Cox
11 years old

My how Robbie is growing
4 years old here

Daddy can I shave? Well let me help then. Paul Cox and daddy, Tryon

Robbie is so happy she is about to receive her diploma from Meme and looks like Meme is about to cry. 2004

See I got it and now I am ready for the First Grade.

My oh my how Kristen is blossoming into a good looking young lady -2004

Paul's Day Care picture 12/2004
Do believe it looks like this young man is going to have red hair.  Wonder where he gets that.  This PawPaw has yet to get to play and tease him any.  Sure wish we could.
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Our Spoiled Pets
of the family.

Nubbins (a Ragdoll breed) says now why did you want to wake me up.
rascal.jpg (77047 bytes)
Rascal (a Heinz 57 breed) is just plain pooped, he has had a very hard day.

Stormy (a Ragdoll breed) all at ease
in his &Keith's recliner. 

Rascal all snuggled under
quilt sound asleep 12-2000

Rascal helping Wanelle make a quilt.
June 1, 2004
As much as we hated to we
had to let Stormy go to
Kitty Heaven it was just
to hard to see him suffer anymore.
We know he will be waiting for
us when it comes our time
to be with our Heavenly Father.
New additions to our Pet Family
We have added two little Munchkin kittens that were born 9/3/2004

I am "Muffin" a calico female

My name is "Cowboy" a cinnamon & white male. Got my name because I am bull legged

Don't we make a cute little pair of Munchkins

Muffin where are you come on out and play

Ok here I am what do you want

Come on Muffin this balls got something on it

Time out I'm hungry got to get some more energy

Rascal looking for the new playmates I know they go under here

Don't tell him we are up here in Wanelle's chair we like to nap up here

Don't know what the big deal is. This chair belongs to me & Keith and I'm holding it down.

Rascal says I'll just wait here till they come back out to play

Muffin you better leave that pill holder alone or your going to get us in trouble

My name is "Misty" I am a light charcoal Rug Hugger Munchkin. I belong to Linnie and come over to visit my friends. I am just about a week older than my friends.

Now listen up you two and let me tell you how you play with this stupid toy


This page is always under construction
will continue to add more pictures as we have time.




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