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<bgsound src="sounds/hollyjollyxmas.mid"infinite"> "Holly Jolly Christmas"


Night before Christmas
Pretending we're asleep
Visions dancing in our heads
Those very special treats

Cat nip by the handful
Yarn that's ten miles long
Little mice to play with
How can we go wrong

Bed so warm and cozy
Love is in the air
Everyone is sleeping
I know that Santa's near

Gosh I'd love to see him
Just to have a peek
Better keep tradition
Faking we're asleep

I hope he knows we love him
And think that he's the best
What a happy day it is
Our Christmas is so blest.

~ Francine Pucillo  ~
Copyright November 10
, 2003
Šused with permission November, 2004
Read more of her poetry here.



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