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There's a secret place in the confines of my mind
A place where I thrive in your love from afar
A place where I contemplate each moment in time
Every second we are together replays over again
And each time it seems just as wonderful as the first
You are the one I love, my dream, my friend.

There's a secret place in the center of my soul
A place where every feeling is recorded
A place where the emotions take control
Here lies my attachment to the essence of you
Knowing here in the depth of my soul
That I could never survive without you.

There's a secret place in my heart
A place where I love you so true
A place where the attraction first started
This is where it lives and blooms and grows
Cherishing our every memory, every feeling
I will love you forever, this I know.

But are these really secret places?
Unknown corners of my very being
Hidden without the slightest traces?
To you they are open, you have the key
These places are just as much yours as they are mine
For without you these secret places would never be.

~Tiger Lilly~

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