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Before his love came to me
I was tossed about like the rolling sea
Without direction, completely void
Until his love brought peace and Joy.

Who is this man who looks at me
With eyes so soft and tender
He seems so strong and mighty
But his love towards me is gentle
It is this love that sets my heart free
This wonderful man from Galilee

What does he see when he looks at me
He seems as if he knows me
Does he see the person within
Or just the shell of what has been

Can I trust him with my thoughts
Does he know what I am feeling
Will he mend my broken heart
And bring to me inner healing
This great, great man from Galilee

How do I show my love for one so dear
I will kneel at his feet his great words
to hear I will learn of his ways so right and pure
So I can show others of his love so sure

Together we will walk hand in hand
As I travel this path set before me
We'll talk of the beauty of this great land
Of the birds in the air, and the
flowers and the trees, And I will tell
others of such great love
Of this wonderful man from Galilee

Oh the joy that rises up in my soul
A miracle in this heart once so cold
All because of the love so pure and free
From this great man from Galilee  

~By Judith A. Brown~

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