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Where do childhood dreams go
once they leave?
Are they stored in a treasure chest
waiting to be found?
Is there a storehouse in heaven
that stores my dreams?
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I've searched the earth
looking for my dreams.
I searched behind corners
to find myself scared in a dark corner.
I searched behind a door
to find myself locked behind the door.
I searched under the floor
to find my face on the floor.
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Is there someone holding my dreams
in their hands?
I know that dreams go somewhere.
Do they hide behind the rainbow?
Are they the pot of gold beneath the
For a child's dreams to come true
must be the pot of gold under a rainbow.
I searched all the rainbows,
but I couldn't find my pot of gold.
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Are childhood dreams not for every child,
which one's get to keep them?
I know that some dreams come true.
I only know of dreams that disappear.
I know that dreams reappear.
When they reappear,
are they torn in parts,
saving the special part for last?
Does God give back childhood dreams?
They must show up in another child
with the same dreams.
Where, do childhood dreams go?
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Look, here is part of my dream
floating through the air,
a sprinkle of stardust,
and I found part of my dream.
God does know our childhood dreams,
and He special delivers them to our hearts.
It's there that He adds to the pot of gold.
My childhood dream was always in my
If only I had known to search my heart.
I would have found my childhood dream.
For childhood, dreams kept in the back of
my heart.

When God touched me with His mighty
He restored my dreams.

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give up on childhood dreams.

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