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Electrical Fixtures

E-Z Press Sockets
6' cord w/on-off switch

Select Size

Light Kit Small Bulb

Light Kit Tubular Bulb

Lamp Kit w/11" harp

Hi-Light Kit

Fused Snap-in (5 sockets)
with plain or multi color bulbs

Select Bulb

Standard hanging kit
with bright or antique gold chain


Select Chain

Illuminated Star
for tree top


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25 Watt Candelabra Base Bulb
fits in our
Wax Melt Nitelites™


Paasche Airbrushes & Accessories

H Airbrush world's most popular airbrush recommended for beginners. The H airbrush is adaptable for practically any hobby use.

H-3 Airbrush, color cup, tool & holder only.
Regular $49.50
our price $38.00

Model H Set

Set includes One H#1L Single-Action Airbrush, one Metal Color Cup, two Bottle Assemblies, one Bottle and Cover Assembly, two Wrenches, Hanger, two Color Adjusting Parts, one 6' Air Hose, 2 Aircaps.
Regular $82.00
our price $71.00

Model VL Set

Set includes One VL#3 Double-Action Airbrush, Head Protecting Cap, one Metal Color Cup, two Bottle Assemblies, one Bottle and Cover Assembly, two Tips, Needles and Aircaps, Hanger, Wrench, one 6' Air Hose.
Regular $114.00
our price $99.00

Model MIL Set

Set includes One MIL Double Action Airbrush, MIL-8 Head Protecting Cap, 1/4 oz. Metal Color Cup, 1/2 oz. Color Bottle Assembly, Hanger, Wrench, 6'Air Hose.

8' Hose w/Couplings

#PA-H 8'

8' Hose w/Couplings & Moisture Trap

#PA-H 8'MT

3 oz. Glass Bottle Assembly

  #PA-HG 3 oz.

3 oz. Plastic Bottle Assembly

#PA-HP 3 oz.

1 oz. Bottle Assembly

#PA-H 1 oz.

1/4 oz. Metal Color Cup

#PA-H Color Cup

Model HS 201
Air Compressor

Delivers up to 40 PSI
#B-HS 201


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