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"Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus"

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After I've gone I will still be with you.
You will see me in all the sunrises,
Saying "Good Morning" to you.

You will hear me when the birds sing,
Singing "Hello" to you, and cheering you
Through the day.

You will feel me during the cold winter months.
When the snow falls quietly, I will be saying
"Isn't it beautiful?"

I will be with you during Autumn,
As the leaves change colors and fall,
I will be with you watching silently.

I will be with you when the moon is full.
I will place the stars for you,
So you can reach up and almost touch them.

When a soft breeze blows across you,
It will be me touching you,
And kissing away your tears.

As the rain falls and lightning flashes,
It will be me playing a song for you ...
A song of courage and of strength.

And you will see me in the sunsets,
Saying "Goodnight my love,"
After I've gone, I will still be with you.

~ Ellen Sargina Poland ~

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