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ABC's For Life!
A lways know that YOU are special!
B efore you give up, try one more time.
C an- You do it?- Yes, You can!
D o your best and feel good about it.
E xpect a wonderful and exciting day!
F inishing what you start is a great thing to do.
G iving, sharing and playing fair.
H elping someone else makes you feel good.
I magination-You have a great one-Use it!
J ust because you've never done it, don't be afraid to try it.
K now that you are loved.
L augh-It makes you happy!
M istakes-It's okay to make them, if you learn from them.
N ew ways of doing things can be fun!
O ffering to do something extra is extra special of you!
P erfectly wonderful-That's YOU!!
Questions-Be sure to ask them
R ead and learn all you can.
S how others how much you like them.
T alk to someone about your feelings.
U nderstand?-If you don't, tell someone.
V ote "No" if you dont think it's right.
W ear your beautiful smile!!
X tra hugs and kisses to you!!
Y ou are Important!!
Z illions of ways a lovable person like you can have a great day!

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