"As Time Goes By"
by Margi Harrell


Carvings set within a tree
Memories that stay with me
Within this life the love we share
Is always present ~ always there

Remembrance of that lovely day
This memory shall always stay
Not only on a special tree
But in my heart eternally

Hold my hand as years go by
Knowing that for you and I
The love will never fade away
It's written now in grand display

Time in life it goes by fast
Precious moments always last
Remembrances within this bliss
Softness of that gentle kiss

Passing by in life with you
There within our very view
Initials that will always show
How very much I love you so.

Poet:  Francine Pucillo
İFeb., 2003
İused with permission, November, 2004.
Read more of her poetry

Our Carvings have now been set in the tree
since September 9, 1951.

To my darling wife Wanelle
the above words are just a few that express
my Love for you.  You have been my friend,
companion and lover for the last 54 years.
With each year my Love has grown deeper.
With God's help may we have many more.
All my Love

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