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The season of our life we shared
Are memories I treasure
So much beauty in the glow
Of sacred moments measured
Silence in our journey
Where words were never spoken
For in our hearts we always knew
The love that's never broken
Leaves turn into colors
That fill our life with glory
Autumn winds now softly coo
The special sounds of "I Love You"
Smell the deep soft embers
Of fires made of splendor
The ones our soul remembers
In every new SEPTEMBER
Feel the mist upon our face
The rain had such a flair
With every bead of crystal
Within our life we wear
Walk with me my darling
Your footsteps by my side
In glory of our life long trip
As autumn winds arise.

~ Francine Pucillo  ~

Šused with permission, November, 2004.

Read more of her poetry here.

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