Midi Start & Stop



Like pebbles side by side
upon the sand,
Together we've endured
the push and pull
of time's relentless waves.
Still hand in hand, we stand,
where all is movable, unmoved.
Unending love has made us one
against the toss and tow
of wind and sea.
Now smoothed and polished
by the rain and sun,
our separate lives
are shaped in unity...

You are still you in ways
that have not changed
since we were brought together
those 52 years ago.  I am still I.
And time that rearranged our features
cannot dim the heart's deep glow.
We shine together
in this time and place,
each one the light
upon the other's face.
I Love you
Happy 52nd Anniversary
(and with God's grace may we have many more)

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