Midi Start & Stop
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Clovis, New Mexico
September 9, 1951 03:50 P.M.

Fifty years ago,
we stood side by side
and opened our hearts
to each other,
promising to share a lifetime.

Somehow, beyond all expression,
I knew right from the start
that you'd be the light, the sweetness,
the comfort in my life,
my heart. . .

Each year we've journeyed together
we've arrived somewhere new. . .
and we've forged a bond of trust,
creating one life
out of two. . .

And in countless tender moments
of appreciation and care,
we've discovered ways without words
to nurture the joy
we share. . .

So today, as we talk about memories,
I look toward the future we'll spend
with confidence in each other,
without end.

Fifty years ago,
love brought us together,
and it has seen us through
many changes in our lives
and in the world around us.

This to my wonderful wife,
My LOVE for you has grown deeper
with each passing day.

Happy 50th Anniversary

and may we share many more.

With all my LOVE forever